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Sissy Training

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

What is sissy training? Sissy training refers to the process of training a man to adopt traditionally female roles. More exactly, the process is known as sissification and it consists of physical and psychological self-emasculation. The dominant partner, usually a woman, guides the sub through the process. However, the man is willing to perform these actions and is not forced into it - full consent is always needed in these types of scenarios. Sissy training is usually a part of BDSM sex practices, a term known as sissy bdsm.

Sissy training may include various activities, depending on the style and preferences of the partners. The physical transformation involves wearing makeup, hair removal, cross-dressing, using female products, leg-crossing and much more. The physical transformation may also refer to a sexual act, such as being anally penetrated. If the physical transformation is taken to an extreme, it may also involve female hormone injections, taking pills or undergoing surgeries in order to achieve a more feminine body. When it comes to the psychological transformation, the man is willing to forgo everything that is socially acceptable as manly. In order to fully destroy their identity, men usually change their names – ex. Patrick becomes Patricia.

The number of men willing to take on the sissification training is increasing. Men are no longer seeing this type of procedure as pathetic or weakening, but they are seeing it as a heroic and virtuous act. The key factor in sissy training is that the man can always reverse the process.

A typical subset is known as maid sissy training. During this play, the submissive partner is instructed to wear a maid’s uniform and perform a lot of household and sexual duties. This form of sissy play can usually be found in related porn. However, sissification may also involve erotic hypnosis and mind control. In this process, the sissy is trained to be ashamed of his ‘tiny cock’ and glorify ‘giant cocks’. This typically requires the sissy to be sexually satisfied by prostate stimulation, anal penetration or sitting on a dildo.