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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

The term slave refers to an individual who gives up all their powers to their dominant partner in BDSM plays. This submissive-dominant relationship is characterized by complete power exchange.

The process can start off by the slave doing these activities freely and voluntarily. However, it usually ends up with the slave being owned by the dominant partner. As in standard slavery, the BDSM slaves aren’t considered or treated as people, but as property. BDSM slaves must always be extremely compliant with their dom. They must always be available and in the mood for sexual activities. Additionally, if they want to do something, they must ask for permission. The BDSM slave may also be punished if he/she doesn’t do as asked.

Even though being a slave sounds harsh and unpleasant to some people, there are numerous individuals and BDSM communities who engage in these acts. However, becoming a slave should always be well considered. The decision is sometimes backed up by a master-slave contract. Considering the fact that the contract isn’t legally binding, many individuals would not take it seriously. Yet, the BDSM community and the members involved are usually the ones bringing the consequences.

An appropriate alternative for BDSM slavery is role-playing. So, if you are indecisive whether to completely give up control, make sure to test slavery first.