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Slave Auctions

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Within BDSM communities, slave auctions are events at which a dominant can buy a submissive. Such auctions are usually held at BDSM clubs and are a common component of the culture. The money raised from the slave auction is typically donated to a designated charity.

The process of purchasing a slave is always done through a contract that details the specific amount of time the master will be in control of the slave. Although it is very rare, some slaves may receive a percentage of the price they were sold for, as a reward.

During a BDSM slave auction, to express their status, the submissives frequently wear slave hoods. It is also a common practice for the slaves to be stripped naked so that the dominants know what they are paying for. This type of body display adds to the slaves' appeal and is often very humiliating. Same as any traditional auction, the auctioneers partaking in a BDSM slave auction are obligated to validate the accuracy of their sources.

The main goal of every BDSM auction is to reinforce the roles of dominant and a submissive. By spending money to purchase the slave, the master has even more power and rights than usual. Because this often includes a rougher interaction, the slave and their masters should impose the limits before the BDSM slave auction begins. Such a practice allows the partners to get to know each other more and what things they are into. While there are slaves that have no issues with being tortured, whipped, and restained, there are submissives that do not find joy in harshness. Therefore, every part of the BDSM slave auction should be consensual.

Although the slave auctions considered controversial, it is important to remember that the slaves are always willing participants.