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Spanking is a sexual activity in which an individual spanks their sex partner either with an object or with their open hand. The sex spanking usually happens during the intercourse and it can intensify the sexual arousal of both partners. Those who find eroticize pain typically are the ones enjoying in spanking the most. Although it is most commonly practiced during the sexual act, the sex spanking can occur during foreplay as well.

Other terms that the activity of spanking in sex can be referred to are spankophilia and erotic spanking.

As mentioned, the spanking sex is potentially satisfying for both participants in the act. The person who spanks during the spanking sex can do it with a variety of items including whips, paddles, or a cane, but can also do it with their own hand. Besides the intentional spanking in sex, it may occur like a spontaneous smack as a result of a forceful feeling of pleasure.

When the spanking goes on for a longer period of time during the sex, the situation is known as spanking sex because it appears to be a prevailing activity. In some cases, the sex spanking is a part of sadomasochism, depending on the harshness of the spanks. Because pain releases endorphins, being spanked in sex often sparks sexual arousal in people, therefore is not unusual to be regularly performed.