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Speculum Play

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

As a term, speculum play refers to every sexual activity that includes the use of speculums, which are medical devices. During this type of sexual play, the roles of the participants are categorized as dominant and submissive, hence the great adoption of speculum play within the BDSM community. Commonly, the dominant partner has the role of being a doctor while the submissive partner is the patient.

Speculum play can be performed in different ways, the most popular being examinations of the anus and the vagina. Many BDSM couples execute speculum play to add variety to their sex life or to perform medical-themed scenes for the partner who has a medical fetish.

The sexual component of the speculum play is that it can heighten the senses of the submissive as well as open them to other forms of sensations otherwise not available. The speculum, as a device, also gives the dominant partner the opportunity to see parts of submissive's body that are not visible without the use of a speculum. As a result, the dominant may find this very erotic.
Generally, there are two types of speculums that can be used during speculum sex - the Perspex speculums, which after the use, should be immediately discarded, and stainless steel speculums that can be used multiple times. The Perspex speculums, also known as disposable speculums, are perfect for a speculum play that involves multiple partners and is usually designed for anal use. In the rear-entry play, these are the only type of speculums that you should consider using.

Because all speculums are made either from hard plastic or metal, they can cause tearing due to the potentially uncomfortable insert. Therefore, it is always a good idea to start slow and use lubricants, recommended water-based lubricants, to achieve easier insertion. To warm up the area, you may also like to consider inserting a finger first.

Since the speculum play involves medical devices, the partners should be very careful. The dominants are advised to wash their hands, put on surgical gloves and to sanitize the speculum with alcohol before the use. The stainless steel speculums can be sanitized by running them through a dishwasher or cleaning them with boiling water. Regardless of the way, the sanitation is a crucial step of the process that cannot be overlooked.

Before engaging in speculum play, the participants should discuss their limits ad desires. Implementing a safe word is a good idea as it will give the dominant a hint on when to stop or what to do. Experiencing discomfort is completely normal, however, it should not be excessive. If it is, the best thing to do is to stop the play entirely. The last thing to remember is that unless the speculum is fully sterilized, the lubricants and speculums should not be shared among partners.