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A spinner is a term that refers to a woman who is small and petite but possesses sexual agility. Usually, the woman who is called a spinner is under 100 lbs and is short in height. The origins of the word come from the fact that due to her smaller size she can figuratively climb a penis and spin around on it.

The term is most commonly used in the porn industry and has the purpose of describing this woman's physique. The spinner porn involves women with such body type and this content is among the most popular porn genre nowadays. In case you are wondering what is a spinner in porn, in most cases, it is a female who has the mentioned physique but also is very capable and active when it comes to sex.

The spinner porn tends to display the spinner sex as nearly effortless intercourse, when in fact the reality is quite the opposite. The practice of spinner sex is risky for the spinner's partner as it can cause damages and bending of the penis. To prevent any potential injuries, the spinner should be aware of her agility and capabilities and should be extremely careful during rapid spins.

Unlike spinner porn, using lubricants for spinner sex is highly advised. It will help to achieve smoother and more painless rotations, therefore will make the practice exceptionally pleasing for the spinner and her partner.