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Spit Roasting

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Spit roasting is a term that describes a sexual activity in which an individual, usually a woman, is both vaginally or anally and orally penetrated by two men at the same time. The act gets its name because when penetrated at both ends, the female participant in the activity resembles a piece of meat penetrated by a spit roast cooker.

To achieve a spit roading position, the woman should get on both of her hands and legs. She should be positioned in a classical doggy style pose so that the male partners can penetrate simultaneously. One of the men enters the woman from behind, either vaginally or anally and proceeds to have sexual intercourse. The other man stands or lies in front of her so that she can suck his penis comfortably. The male partners can choose to switch roles or remain in their positions until they orgasm.

Traditionally, the spit roasting involves two men and one woman, but it can also involve three men. In such a scenario, the third man will give another man a blowjob while he is being anally penetrated.

The majority of people find spit roasting as a very humiliating sexual act for the female participant. Because of this reason, it is always best to communicate with your partner openly so that one will feel coerced into doing something they are not comfortable with. When consensual, the spit roasting is one of the most enjoyable sexual positions for all participants. Because most people enjoy participating in spit roasting or watching it, there is a whole porn genre known as spit roast porn.

The spit roasting, as every group sex encounter, should be practiced safely to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted infections as well as pregnancies. The penetrators are advised to always use a condom, which is not the case for the men who receive a blowjob.