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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Squirter is a term that describes a female who is able to squirt (ejaculate) during stimulation or sex.

Usually, women cum different than men and the cum itself is an odorless and clear fluid that runs down the vagina. The difference between a regular cum and a squirt is that the squirting looks a lot like men's orgasm. In pornography, the squirting is sometimes represented as a huge fluid gush that the women pour across the room. The amount of liquid as well as the way the female squirts often vary.

As a genre, squirting is very popular in pornography. Many men and women find female ejaculation extremely sexy, so there is no wonder why squirter porn and squirter sex are widely famous porn categories.

Squirting even though it may seem unnatural, is a very natural occurrence for those who are capable of ejaculating liquid during orgasm or arousal. The majority of women, however, do not have the ability to squirt, which is perfectly normal.

Just like in squirter porn, in order to squirt, the female has experience either arousal or orgasm. These feelings can be initiated with sexual intercourse, foreplay, or a role-play. It is important to figure out what makes the squirter sexually aroused, and continue with the act so it can result in squirting. Using sex toys is always a good option, as there are plenty of women's toys such as dildos, G-Spot vibrators, nipple toys, and rabbit vibrators that can help to make the squirter to ejaculate.