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What is a sybian? Sybian is a sex device mainly used for masturbation by women. More specifically, it is a hollow saddle-like seat combined with two powerful motors. The device also includes motor speed controller boards, gears, pullies and a platform on cranked axils. This sex tool is used to stimulate penetrative sex.

The Sybian is extremely universal. The sex tool comes with a range of speeds which can be managed with an external hand controller. Additionally, the upward pointing shaft can be placed in different angles to provide pleasurable positions for users with specific needs.

The Sybian was released in 1987 and can be found in pornography productions since the early 2000s. Mainly, the sex device is used for solo experiences. In these cases, the users tend to combine it with some sex essentials. However, it can also be used for sybian BDSM sex in which partners use it as a hands-free addition. If you are a male and don’t find the sybian as the appropriate toy for penetrative sex, you may consider a sex doll for your purpose.