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Tack Bra

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

A tack bra is a type of bra that has a number of thumbtacks or sharp upholstery tacks pinned onto it. Since the tacks are pinned on the bra itself, the tacks' sharp edges come in direct contact with the wearer. The purpose of the tack bra is to bring a person further into submission, hence this type of bra is common for BDSM plays. As a result, the bra is also recognized as a BDSM tack bra.

The reason why many BDSM couples tack bras during their sexual activities is to enhance their experience. The wearer of the bra, usually a female submissive, puts on the tack bra and comes in contact with the tacks' sharp edgest instantly. Such a feeling heightens the sensations and allows the submissive to become more aware of their body, therefore, have more sensual intercourse. The pressure of the needle-like end tacks causes some sort of pain in the breasts of the submissive, which instantly makes them more vulnerable. The tack bra, as a sort of a sex toy, is most commonly used as submissive' form of submission.

When wearing a tack bra, the dominant partner can choose to tease or punish the submissive. In the case of teasing, the dominants often use feathers, ticklers and nipple clamps, while for punishment various whips can be adopted. However, before the sexual activities occur, it is best for the partners to communicate regarding boundaries and expectations in order for both of them to experience amazing sexual intercourse.