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The Asian Cowgirl Position (ACG)

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

The Asian Cowgirl position is a variation of the standard cowgirl position which involves the woman standing on the balls of her feet rather than kneeling while the intercourse. The Asian Cowgirl position is among the most popular woman-on-top sex positions.

While the Asian Cowgirl position is mostly performed for vaginal penetration, it can be tweaked for rear-entry. Such sexual pose is known as Reverse Asian Cowgirl. Typically, the Asian Cowgirl is sometimes referred to as ACG (an acronym) or as the Bunny Hop.

To execute the Asian Cowgirl sexual position, the man should lie flat on his back while his female partner straddles him. During the intercourse, the woman balances herself on the balls of her feet, usually squatting up and down.

Unlike the standard Cowgirl position, the Asian Cowgirl makes it easier to increase the speed of the thrusting which results in more intense orgasms. Because of this reason, many people prefer Asian Cowgirl.

For women, the transition from regular Cowgirl to Asian Cowgirl is not hard as everything they need to do is lean forward and rock back onto their toes rising their bodies into a position of squatting. This, however, can be tiring for a woman. That is why, male partners are advised to support their female partner by helping her find a better balance, therefore bounce more stable. The man might even let the women remain still, even for a short period of time, while he executes the thrusting. To take some weight off her feet, the woman can also place her hands on either side of the bed or on her partner's chest.

Needless to say, the Asian Cowgirl is a highly enjoyable sex position but it works best if the woman is both, strong and flexible.