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The Butter Churner Position

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

As an advanced sex position, the butter churner position involves a woman lying on her back with her legs behind her head while the man penetrates her from above. The male participant in the butter churner sex position squats in order to be able to enter the woman vaginally.

The name of this sex position originates from the old fashioned way of making butter churner, which resembles the thrusting motion in this pose.

The butter churner sex position is very intense since it requires a fair amount of the flexibility of both partners' ends. The woman participating in the butter churner sex should be elastic enough to be able to put her legs behind her head and be comfortable to have intercourse. The man, on the other hand, should be flexible to squat repeatedly as he enters her vagina from above.

During butter churner sex, the head of the woman is always positioned lower than her head, which means more blood is likely to rush to her head. Due to this, the butter churner sex position is believed to be one of many positions in which the woman can have a more energetic orgasm than normal. Some couples, despite how exciting this pose is, also practice using sex toys such as bondage toys while having a butter churner sex.

Although this advanced sex position is commonly practiced, if it is not performed with caution, it can possibly be dangerous. Because of the position of the woman in the act, neck and spinal injuries can potentially occur, therefore the man needs to be careful about the speed and the force of the activity. It is completely understandable to be carried away by the amazingness of the butter churner sex, but be wary of these few things that might hurt your partner.