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The Butterfly Position

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

The butterfly is a Kamasutra sex position in which the man penetrates the woman while she lies on a table or the edge of the bed with her legs on his shoulders. The butterfly position is considered to be an advanced way of having intercourse because it requires more strength and effort than other sexual positions.

While performing the butterfly sex position, the man should help the woman to be more comfortable by supporting her hips. The best way to achieve the perfect butterfly position is when the woman lies on an object particularly low, such as an ottoman or a table. The edge of the bed can also serve if it is low enough.
The butterfly sex position, due to the posture of both partners' bodies, allows deep penetration, therefore is highly satisfying for both partners. This position is also an amazing way to conceive since it creates the perfect angle for stimulating the vagina.

The disadvantages of the butterfly position once again mention the deep penetration. When the male partner has a penis bigger than average, the butterfly sex position might not be the most enjoyable for the woman. In this situation, lubricants are recommended to be used to potentially enhance sexual activity.

Nevertheless, butterfly sex is widely performed around the world and many people indeed find pleasure in it. If you feel like your sex life is dull and you want to spice it up, then the butterfly position is definitely a must-try.