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The Cowgirl Position

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

The cowgirl position is a common woman-on-top position in which she straddles her partner as if she is riding a horse, hence the name of the position. In the cowgirl sex pose, the woman is the one who mainly controls the intercourse regarding the speed of penetration, the depth, as well as the angle of it. As a result of the amount of control, many women find great satisfaction in performing cowgirl sex positions.

As a sex pose, the cowgirl is focused more on the pleasure of the woman, allowing her to explore and do what feels good to her body. This sex position, also known as a woman on top, is most commonly done with the partners facing each other. Because of the eye contact that happens between the woman and her partner during cowgirl sex, the cowgirl sexual position is considered very intimate.

While the cowgirl sex pose is usually performed in a way that the partners face each other, it does not always have to be performed that way. Besides the typical one, there are other cowgirl sexual positions among which the reverse cowgirl is the most popular. This position involves the woman turned in the opposite direction, towards the feet of the man.

The cowgirl sexual position, although is highly enjoyable for the woman, is found to be utterly satisfying by the majority of men as well. After all, while the woman puts on her own little rodeo, the man gets a clear view of the woman's face and body, which can be extremely arousing and sexy.