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The Missionary Sex Position

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

The missionary position, also known as man-on-top position, is a vaginal sex position which involves the woman laying on her back while the man lies on top of her. In this position, both partners face each other during vaginal intercourse.

Most of the people believe the name of this sex position originates from the ancient missionaries' teachings about sex. Back then, they promoted missionary sex as a proper way to have sex.

As a famous sex position, missionary sex can be used for anal sex as well. Even though the missionary sex position is usually associated with heterosexual sex, same-sex couples take advantage of it too.

Missionary sex has always been considered very intimate and simple. Because the partners are constantly looking at each other in this position, it gives them the opportunity to hug and kiss, therefore be gentle to one another. To spice things up, the couples can also use various sex toys or lubricants.

The missionary sex position is also considered extremely simple since not much of flexibility is required. Due to this, the majority of couples, not only tend to try it but love the missionary sex for its simplicity. Further, this sex position is believed to be a great position for reproduction but is less suitable for women who are in their late stages of pregnancy. During missionary sex, the man controls the depth of the pelvic thrusting as well as the rhythm, therefore as a sex position, it is largely concentrated on the idea that the man needs to be superior.

These days, however, with the emergence of edgier sexual practices, the missionary sex gained a reputation for being one of the most boring ways to have sex.