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The Standing 69 Position

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Unlike the traditional 69 position, the standing 69 position, even though it is similar, it is much more difficult and riskier to perform. The way to get into this sexual position is by the heavier and stronger partner sitting on a bed or in a chair while the lighter partner puts their head into the heavier person's lap. Then, as soon as the heavier partner gets a good grab of their partner, they can slowly stand up, maneuvering their lighter partner into an upside-down position. The heads of the partners should be placed between each other's thighs. When performing the standing 69 position, the couple should wrap their arms around each other tightly in order for the lighter person not to fall and hurt themselves.

Despite how erotic the standing 69 sex looks, it is very dangerous and difficult to execute. If you nor your partner are strong enough to hold each other upside down, do not ever attempt this sexual position. If the upside-down partner happens to slip and/or fall, it can cause serious injuries to the person's neck and head.

In case you and your partner feel strong and flexible enough to try the standing 69 position, then remember that you should not maintain this pose for more than a couple of minutes. Otherwise, blood may rush to the head of the upside-down partner which can result in loss of consciousness or dizziness. Therefore, we advise you to be extra careful when engaging in standing 69 sex and stop the activity as soon as you or your partner does not feel stable or comfortable.