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Tickle Torture

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Tickle torture is a type of torture applied by the dominant partner, most commonly in BDSM scenes. As a result, tickle torture is also known as BDSM tickling and tickle torture BDSM. The tickling, besides being used to reinforce the roles of the submissive and the dominant, can be used as a punishment as well.

During erotic tickle torture, any part of the body may be tickled including the backside, soles of feet, inner thighs, and underarms. The dominant partner may use the BDSM tickling alone or in combination with other common BDSM methods such as spanking or whipping.

Besides the erotic activity, there is a tickle torture fetish too. There are people who simply enjoy the great release of endorphins the BDSM tickling brings, as well as the fact that the submissives lose all control. In some cases of prolonged tickling sessions, the submissives can even orgasm, which for the fetishists is quite pleasing to watch. For this purpose, there are numerous pornography channels and websites dedicated to tickle torture and tickling.

For the people who are new to BDSM, tickle torture is a good technique to adopt. Not only it is extremely easy to learn, but it also does not require any special skills or tools. Other implements like vibrators and feather ticklers can be used depending on the partners' wishes. However, the majority of people use their fingers for erotic tickle torture.

The most important thing about tickling is that it is effective only if the submissive is ticklish. Otherwise, the BDSM tickling is not enjoyable for neither of the involved parties. In case the submissive is ticklish, the partners are advised to talk about safety rules and follow them. Because of the fact that people cannot speak while they laugh, it is best to create physical signals to understand each other. The dominant should monitor the behavior of the submissive at all times in order not to miss any potential signals for the play to end. When using bondage, extra care is needed because the submissive can easily lose control over their body, resulting in muscle strains and abrasions.