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Vanilla Sex

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Vanilla sex is a type of intercourse that is considered conventional and plain. The term, even though it refers to an old favorite sort of intercourse, it implies sexual activity that is unadventurous and dull.

When it comes to vanilla sex, the term itself is very subjective so there is no strict telling as to which sex positions do and do not fall under this category. Because there are many cultures around the world, people often have their own personal ideas of what conventional sex looks like, thus what vanilla sex really represents. However, out of all sex positions, the majority of people worldwide would agree that missionary is the most popular vanilla sex pose.

Generally, vanilla sex, hence vanilla porn, is sexual intercourse between two naked individuals in a bed, and the activity does not involve additional people, costumes, props nor sex toys. Additionally, the vanilla sex does not involve other elements such as fetishism, BDSM, and kinks as well. Even though this connotation can initiate negative reactions, the vanilla sex can indeed be very emotional, romantic, and sensual intercourse. As a result, vanilla porn still is a highly watched genre of porn despite all unconventional sexual activities we know of today.