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The term watersports refer to a sexual activity that involves a urine play. During the practice of watersports, one person urinates in or on different parts of another participant's body. These body parts include the genitals, the breast, and sometimes even the face and mouth. Reasonably, such activities are often associated with the BDSM culture, thus are known as watersports BDSM as well.

The act of urinating on another person is just a pure symbolism for being in control and in possession. The watersports can be performed over a person for the purpose of both, humiliation and punishment. While urinating on them, the dominant partner can punish the submissive by tieing them with handcuffs and spank them with whips and paddles.

In its nature, the watersports BDSM is a quite messy activity. The majority of couples prefer to engage in watersports while in the shower or in a tub because of the mess that can occur. As we can all assume, the urine is not tasteful, so the urinator should drink a lot of water before urinating in their partner's mouth for the first time. The increased dosage of drank water will dilute the urine of the urinator, therefore will minimize the gag and shock factor. This feeling, however, is pleasing for some people to watch, so there is a whole porn genre called watersports porn dedicated to it.

Although the watersports BDSM is not considered harmful, some microbes can be transferred through the urine. Diseases such as chlamydia, hepatitis, and gonorrhea can be transmitted, therefore the urinator is always advised to do tests before participating in watersports.