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Zip Tie

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

A zip tie is a nylon-made fastener that is very durable and extremely secure. In an everyday life, zip ties are used for a variety of purposes such as attaching items together and organizing cables and cords. Because this fastener is made of nylon, which is a very durable and strong material, the zip ties make it almost impossible for the things tied with them to move around.

The zip ties, although are used on a daily basis by millions of people for different reasons, also find their way to the bondage community, where they are highly adopted. Due to the reason these fasteners have high-quality, the people who enjoy bondage adopt zip ties regularly. In relation to bondage, zip ties are used to inhibit the mobility of one person or restrain their ankles and wrists. The person tied with zip ties does not have the ability to break free from the bondage without some tools such as scissors, adding up to the power play that the zip ties are used for in the first place.

As mentioned, the zip ties are made of strong and long-lasting materials, so the zip tie bondage can easily become a painful type of play. Because of this, the partners who practice zip tie bondage should always communicate with each other in regards to what feels good and what does not, so that the bondage can stop whenever the tied person feels pain or discomfort. Zip ties, even though they are understandably created for the purpose of attaching items together, require a great amount of carefulness when they are used for tieing a person in a zip tie bondage.