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5 Sex Toys Every Couple Must Have In Their Arsenal

 Laurel House Posted by Laurel House on

Sex toys aren’t just to add a little spice. They are essential! But with the vast selection, ranging from sweet to fifty shades, what should you buy? You can liberate your wildest dreams and let your fantasies dictate your purchases, or you can follow this list of 5 musts… at least to start.

Here are my basic guidelines, then you can go from there based on your personal preferences:

Clitoral Stimulators

This is the first on the list because this is my favorite, must-have, go-to, yes please toy that every single woman and couple MUST have! Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up, calm-me-down, make-me-moan NOW. And that’s exactly when you need a clit stimulator. It’s both fast and fantastic. It’s also multi-purpose. Use it alone, use it to quickly cum after your man got off a little too quickly, enhance the activity with some clitoral stimulation when he’s taking you from behind, or, and, etc… Truly this is the perfect little lover to add a few extra ooooohhhhhs any time you need it.

If I were you, this would be my pick. But any and all are good options:

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Clitoral Stimulator

Paddles & Whips

Sometimes it feels good to be bad. A crisp shocking spank with a paddle at the exact right time can enhance pleasure and even lead to orgasm. And while some fear leaving a mark, this paddle is all about it, reminding your lover of the naughtily loving night that you shared- XOXO.

If I were you, this would be my pick. But any and all are good options:

Sex & Mischief Impressions XOXO Paddle

Anal Toys

Anal stimulation can seem scary. Many women have had an experience that left them in pain the next day. That’s likely because it was done wrong. But when done correctly, anal stimulation can be seriously sexy and insanely pleasurable. To do it correctly, you have to do it gradually, and the best way to do that is with, what I call, a “family” of anal plugs that come in different sizes- very small (short and skinny) to average. More than stretching out your ass hole, you need to train your muscles that it’s ok to relax around something when inserted. Not only is it ok, but it can be really good! Once inserted, you can simultaneously have vaginal sex and you both can have the extra enhancement of anal stimulation. Get ready for squirting orgasms!

If I were you, this would be my pick. But any and all are good options:

Julie Ashton's Anal Beginners Kit

Bondage Toys

Be honest, you want to be dominated- both of you… at least on occasion. Sometimes you want to be tied down and at your lover’s mercy. But what if you have a more modern bed that doesn’t accommodate your headboard requiring restraints? That’s when you need under bed restraints. And the great thing is that after you use them, you can just tuck them under your bed for easy, instant access next time.

If I were you, this would be my pick. But any and all are good options:

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System

Nipple Clamps

Especially during certain times of the month, a woman’s nipples can be extremely sensitive… in a very good way! But for some reason, beyond the bouncy, fleshy parts, the breasts are often neglected. With nipple clamps they will always get the attention that they so desire. And these babies aren’t just for the ladies. Men (secretly) love them too. The more areas stimulated, the more intense the pleasure.

If I were you, this would be my pick. But any and all are good options:

Adjustable Beaded Silver Nipple Clamps

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