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Our Top 6 Sex Blogs of 2018

 Davie Zhang Posted by Davie Zhang on

Sex, Relationships, Toys and More!

It’s that time of year again where the top sex bloggers of the year get to be showcased to win the title of the best blogger of the year vote. This time, they have made things a little less competitive and leaned towards a more neutral stance. Instead of listing their favorite blogs by their preferences and rankings, Kinkly has compiled this list alphabetically to avoid any bias that might occur.

This year, we’re going to cover our top choices out of hundreds in this industry and will show you where you can learn more about them and vote for them. Voting ends soon, please remember to vote before October 30th! Perhaps you have heard of a few of these names on this list and you already have a favorite in mind. Let’s look into our top choices. We’ll also include a link to where you can vote for them to be featured on Kinkly’s top blogger list. Blogging in the adult sex toy industry can serve as a purpose for entertainment as well as for sexual education. Reading about this type of content can sometimes be controversial for some readers, but it can also open up experiences, allow people to feel excited and even help others reconnect with yourself, a spouse or a brand new partner. Kinkly is a website that brings together all kinds of information about the exciting world of sex. It features a collection of articles and blogs ranging from safe sex, sex toys, relationships, product reviews, BDSM topics and more.

The History of Sex Blogging

Before the internet, it was very rare that a group of strangers got together to talk about their sexual experiences. With the boom of the internet and the uprising of chat groups, forums, blogs and the like, a new topic started to arise. You could read about sex toys in online magazines in a few brief columns but no one was really sharing their unhinged opinion or allowed to even comment on these topics without being judged for it. When blogging became more popular in the late 90’s, all kinds of topics started becoming more popular. Sex blogging didn’t really come into action until the 2010’s. It became even more popular after the controversial 50 Shades of Grey books and movies in 2015. The curiosity of many readers became peaked at this time and sex blogging seemed to take off.

Why Blog About Sex?

Sex blogging is helpful for many people and it has especially helped readers who may be sexually curious, looking for new sexual explorations or simply seeking out genuine experiences and reviews of toys they’ve never tried themselves. It’s not common for women and men to have a group of friends that they can openly talk about sex with without fear of what another person might say. Sharing sexual experiences is a very personal thing and a lot of people may not want to open up in person about it. When we are able to read blogs about sex toy experiences, read about sex toy reviews and hear about the pleasures that can arise from new products, it can help us feel a little bit more free. It allows others to feel as though they are part of a community that doesn’t exist offline. The fact that a lot of bloggers take the time and effort to help those that seek out to them, whether with their own knowledge or simply just hearing them out - it provides an inviting, safe and comfortable environment for discussion. We can learn a lot from others sexual experiences and have a lot of fun along the way!

Here is a List of Great Bloggers That Have Our Vote

These brave and bold bloggers are our top picks! They get up close and personal with sexual exploration and aren’t afraid to hide what they’re proud of.



Epiphora has been writing about sex toys and testing them for over a decade now. Her blog is full of no holds barred reviews and consists of masturbation do’s and don’ts, sex tips, industry critiques, behind the scenes talk, and more. She has a factual tone and isn’t afraid to sugar-coat her unique vagina. With over 600+ toys tested on her resume, she has many loyal readers who entrust their future orgasms to her!

You can vote for her here



Cara’s blog doesn’t just cover sex toys. She writes about a number of topics such as relationships, clothing, health and beauty tips, blogging tips and more. She is an incredibly knowledgeable resource in the sex toy industry and a lot of people want to be a part of the conversation.

You can vote for Cara here

Emmeline Peaches


Emmeline Peaches is another great a notable sex toy reviewer. She is best known for her honest and shocking reviews but she also has a strong focus on writing, illustrating and consulting. You can learn more about her journey with Vaginismus and which toys she loves the most at her blog.

You can vote for her here

Kate Sloan


Kate Sloan is a podcaster, blogger, essayist and speaker. With a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a minor in psychology, she was able to start a career as a sex journalist. She is a polyamorous bisexual cis woman and this has allowed her to be open with many different types of audiences. Her amazing works has been featured on Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Glamour and more! Y

You can vote for Kate’s blog here

JoEllen Notte


JoEllen made our list of the top bloggers of the year because she deals with a variety of sex topics and has a love for writing about sex toys. She also researches and writes about mental health. She is a certified sex educator who is committed to challenging stigma.

You can vote for her blog here

Miss Ruby


Ruby’s reviews are honest and blunt, which makes her opinion one of the most trustworthy when it comes to picking sex toys. She is a Canadian sex positive cisgender sex toy reviewer who has been reviewing toys good and bad since 2015. Through her blogging, she promotes a shame-free environment. She shows her love and complaints through her hundreds of posts that she shares with her loyal following.

You can vote for Ruby's blog here

Now that you’ve gone over our brief list of our favorite top sex bloggers that have our votes, it’s time to make your choices. If there are any sex bloggers that are your favorite and we haven’t mentioned them above, please let us know in the comments section below. We hope you enjoyed our list of reviewers and don't forget to check out their blogs!

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