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Electro Sex: So Hot Right Now!

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

When you think of electro sex toys, you might be thinking of the classic vibrator, but you’re a little off base. When you remember the electric sensations that have sent you over the edge with a vibrating cock ring, a rabbit vibrator or a vibrating masturbator, they were pretty intense, right? But when you begin to talk about electro sex toys, well, they’ve come a long way, baby!

To understand why electro sex is such a huge deal right now, you must first understand exactly how it works, and then move on to the variety of electro sex toys that are available on the market. So, grab your favorite beverage, put your feet up and get comfortable, and prepare for one of the most entertaining educations in your life.

What’s the Vibe on Electro Sex Toys?

Now, let’s get straight down to it! What we are talking about here is pure electricity, not a toy with a vibrating feature. While this might sound a little extreme at first, you’ll soon understand why both couples and solo users alike are having the best orgasms of their life!

For starters, you may have seen or heard this type of stimulation called by a few different terms:

  • Electro sex
  • Electroplay
  • Electrophy

Whatever name you choose, utilizing this method is quite unlike anything you’ve experienced. And it all starts with the wonderful human nervous system. You see, tiny impulses are constantly running throughout the body, giving us pain, pleasure and tapping into our senses. Now, what these toys do is tap into those already existing signals, and give them a little extra jolt, so to speak. Picture it this way: imagine a pleasurable impulse set at a level five on the scale. These products take that know and turn it up to a full 10. Are you starting to get the idea now?

Powerful sensory reactions are the end result, which are far different than the feeling from a vibrator. It’s like your entire body can be used as an electric conductor. Pretty neat, right?

These toys have actually been around for some time, and have always been popular with the bondage crowd. We all know that there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, and being the “master” over such an impulse sure can add to a pair of handcuffs and a good whip.At first, these toys were mostly made from metal, so they came off with an almost “medical” look and feel, which was perfect for those moments when you pull out that hot nurse outfit and go for a little role-playing. But the feel and look were sometimes a “little much” for those not ready for so much kink. However, today, they’re most made from silicone, just like the majority of other sex toys.

How Do You Use These Bad Boys?

Now that you understand a bit more about these electrifying playmates, I’m sure you’re wondering exactly how to put them to good use. As with regular toys, there are different products available, which can all be used in a variety of ways. One thing that remains consistent is that your body basically turns into the sex toy, rather than merely reacting to the pleasurable sensations provided by the toy.

The best way to get a good idea of what’s available and how to use them is to take a look at a few of the most popular options. When looking at these types of products, it’s important to remember that most will require a power unit, which you can buy a number of accessories for to really switch things up.

Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands

Electro Sex Penis BandsThis toy offers two bands that can be placed wherever you choose: at the base and tip of the penis, or one around the balls and the other around the penis. If you place one at the tip of the penis, it can also help with keeping the penis harder for longer, or just stiffer in general. These bands provide electrical stimulation, which can differ, depending on where you decide to position them.

Zeus Electrosex Arcana Electro Vibrator Wand

Electro Sex WandThis powerful wand is an ideal product for those new to the idea of a “shockingly good time.” The head of the wand has two metal bands that encircle it, which produce electric stimulation when turned on. Additionally, there’s also a vibration mode to really put the user over the edge!

Kinklabs Agent Noir Electro Erotic Neon Wand Kit

Electro Sex Wand KitWhat might appear to be a basic wand at first will definitely surprise this! This is a full kit of enticing features, including six glass electro bulbs to provide a variety of different shocks and sensations. When connecting the Power Tripper, the energy will literally course through your body, turning it into a conductor of thrills - with a pinwheel, whip and rolling drum all at your disposal.

Zeus Electrosex Torpedo Plug

Electro Torpedo PlugOn the lower-priced spectrum, this six-inch plug may be inserted into either the anus or the vagina - depending on your preference. Just hit a switch, and you’ll instantly feel electric pulses that will give you the big O that you’ve been craving.

Mystim Twisting Tom Electrosex Prostate Toy

Electro Sex Prostate ToyProviding some of the most intense pulses, tingles and shocks, this prostate toy is designed with a man in mind, boasting a special curve to hit just the right spots. If you've ever wondered about a dual orgasm, this toy can provide that! It’s flared base teases the perineum, while the rest massages the prostate into a frenzy.

In the End

Once you’ve decided to make the plunge into electro sex, you’re in for an exciting new realm of adventure and mind-blowing sensations. As always, be sure to keep your toys clean, being extra careful. Obviously, you won’t want to submerge any electric parts in water - or use or get these toys anywhere near water. A little soap and a damp cloth will usually do the trick.

If you have any additional questions on making a toy selection, you can always reach out to our 24/7 customer service department.