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Everything You Need to Know About Lubes (And Why They Make Sex EVEN BETTER!)

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Lubricants come in all sorts of scents, flavors and colors, and can even add a little “something extra” to your sexual encounters or to help aid your sex toys. They can make sex more enjoyable, and even save you from harmful abrasions or other gameplay injuries. In short, they’re budget-friendly additions to your special “boom boom drawer” that just don’t seem to get the credit that they deserve. 

So, it seems like a good time to learn all about lubes, including:

  • Why they’re used
  • How to apply
  • Different types
  • What they’re made from
  • What they can do for your sex life

And, while you’re being educated so that you can make well-informed purchases, we’ll even throw in a few products that you can begin browsing right away. 

Sound good? Well, let’s get started!

Why Use Lubricants?

There see to be a lot of inconsistencies when it comes to the way people see and actually use lubricants. In short, there are those who have discovered that incorporating lubes can make every aspect of using a toy feel better, even if you’re just using a finger vibrator or actually simply using your finger. And there are those who have the grand idea that lubricants are only needed when having anal foreplay or sex, or when getting used to a large toy

The fact is that using a lube all the time can have its advantages. And believe it or not, it all begins with the science and anatomy of the human body. 

You see, the vagina naturally makes its own lubricant, which is a little bit of a hint that it’s best for our favorite lady part to be lubricated and ready to go when desire strikes. However, the vagina has to be lubricated anyway, as it means that it will stay elastic, which also equals out to being healthy. But, the magic begins upon arousal. The body senses this change in its processes, and it begins to excrete more natural lubricant into the vagina. 

Pretty cool, right? That’s where the saying of “getting wet” comes from - oddly enough, it’s an actual reference to a normal function of the human body. 

Who said science couldn’t be sexy?

Now, when it comes to the anus, it doesn’t produce its own lubricant, so it does make sense that many people’s main thought goes to using anal toys when they think about lubricants. And let’s face it, trying to have anal sex or even insert a butt plug could get pretty painful very quickly without the easy glide that a lubricant can provide.

But in the end, lubes should be used for all sorts of playtime fun. Natural lubrication may not always be enough, and no one really likes that uncomfortable feeling before “the juices start to flow.” Plus, the tissues of both the vagina and the anus are extremely delicate, and they can be ripped or torn very easily. If this has never happened to you, then you are extremely lucky! This could put you on the sidelines for weeks until things heal up nicely. 

Lubricants will make easing into the act of sex or trying out your new LELO or Satisfyer clitoral suction toy feel much better. There will be less of a chance of abrasion, and depending on which lube you choose, you could also experience a whole new sensation. But, more on that later!


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How to Apply and Get the Most Out of Lubricants

Now, it’s important that you know how to apply a lubricant to ensure that it provides just the reaction that you need. This may sound like it’s a pretty common-sense act, but we’re often surprised by just how much we have to learn when it comes to the wonders of sex!

When you’re about to use a toy, no matter where you’re putting it or which type of toy it may be, you’ll want to squirt the lubricant onto your fingers. No matter where you store it, most lubricants are going to come out pretty cold. Think about it - anytime your doctor ever needs to apply lubricant to a medical device or to your body directly, they usually warn you that “this is going to be a little cold.” Of course, it’s usually freezing! But, you get the idea. Your fingers can help to warm up the lubricant before you place it on your most sensitive body parts. After all, there’s nothing quite as unfortunate as “losing the heat of the moment.”

Lubing a Toy

When applying lube to a toy, you’ll want to apply it evenly. Some think that it’s enough to place a dab of lube on the head of their new strap-on. But what about when you’re thrusting deeply, and that bit of lube on the tip is long gone? You don’t have to use an excessive amount, but be sure to cover it all. Easy peasy. 

Lubing a Body Part

When applying lube to a part of the body, think along the same lines. Cover the outer rim of the anus or the vagina with a good amount of lube, but there’s no need to push the lube into the body. 

You may wonder if you should lubricate the toy or the body part. And the easy answer is that you can always do both. Especially when using an anal toy, you’ll want to be double sure that you’re ready for insertion.

Lubricant Types

When deciding which lubricant you’d like to purchase, it’s important to understand that there are two different lubricant types: water-based and silicone. Both are best used with specific products, with safety and comfort in mind, as well as ensuring the durability of your toys.

Water-Based Lubricants

Water-Based LubricantWhen looking for the perfect multi-functional lube, you’ll more than likely be looking for a water-based lubricant. They’re safe to use on most toys (and body parts). Plus, they don’t create a sticky “feel,” they don’t “gunk up,” and they won’t make ugly and embarrassing stains on your sheets or clothes. If you have sensitive skin, then a water-based lubricant is also the way to go. It also works well when a condom isn’t lubricated, or just isn’t lubricated enough.

Here are a few water-based lubricants to check out:

Silicone Lubricants

Silicone LubricantNow, silicone lubricants should be your go-to option when you have a long night of sexual escapades in mind. They don’t break down as quickly as a water-based lube, and will just generally last longer. They’re super slippery, and many people like to use them when having a little wet ‘n wild play, as they won’t wash off as easily as their water-based cousins. On the other hand, a silicone lube may take a little extra care to get off - especially when it comes to clothing or bed linens. You’ll also want to be specifically careful when using it on furniture.

And here comes the super-important part. Do not use a silicone lube when a toy made from silicone is part of your “playtime” schedule. It can begin to wear down the rubber on the toy, and damage it over time, or even put it out of commission entirely.

But if you’re on the market for a silicone lube, check out these babies:

Specialty Lubricants

So now that we understand the two primary types of lubricants, we can get to the really fun part. While lubes serve a few very important purposes, including more safety and better comfort, that’s not all you can expect. Lubes can make you feel good. They can turn regular sex into something exotic and fun. Any role-playing game can take a quick turn into something a “little more” with just the right lube. 

Let’s explore some of the different types from which you can choose. And don’t be afraid to shop around and try a few. Most lubes aren’t expensive, so you can buy a couple of different options to switch things up whenever you’d like.

Cooling Lubricants

Cooling LubricantHave you ever noticed that cooling sensations are your thing? Maybe you like an ice cube rubbed across your nipples, or a cool fan across your skin when you’re lying in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Whatever the case, a cooling lube can really intensify the action. Just be sure to try a little after first, and then rub on as much as you’d like to add more to the sensation that you’re hoping to experience. 

Look at these to help you get started:

Warming Lubricants

Warming LubricantSimilar to a cooling lube, a warming version brings all the heat. Many love the feeling of a toy that heats up, or hot skin on a warm summer night. This type of lube can bring all that and more. Again, just be careful not to use too much until you determine the intensity that you’d like to achieve. Some of these lubes can also double for a little extra zing when you’ve decided it’s massage night. Are you seeing the possibilities here?

Start shopping by clicking on these popular products:

Stimulating Lubricants

Stimulating LubricantAs we’ve already discovered, lubricants sure can supply much more than easier glide inside. In fact, they can even create a tingling sensation… right where it matters the most. These are great to rub along the clit or around the head of the penis, as they will provide that extra something that you may be looking for tonight. And the fantastic news is that these lubes can still be used with a toy. So, imagine your new vibrator AND a tingling lube - both at work at exactly the same time!

This kind of lube is also perfect when you find that you’re in the mood unexpectedly, and just need a little finger or palm action to do the job. You’ll never look at masturbation quite the same again!

These options will definitely do the trick:

Flavored Lubricants

Flavored LubricantWe know that lubes can help make using toys or having sex more comfortable, however did you also know that they can make it taste good? Flavored lubes can provide a yummy flavor for all of those places where you just can’t resist having a lick! 

Explore these flavorful lubes:

Anal Lubricants

Anal LubricantWhen a lot of people think of lubricants, using them for anal play or the actual act of anal sex might be the origination of that thought. While lubes should be used for any kind of sex, or when experimenting with a plethora of different sex toys, some people tend to skip them. Regardless of how many times they may find sex uncomfortable or the rubbing of a toy against their skin rather abrasive, they just may not always use a lubricant when they should.

However, I’d venture to guess that very few people forego the lube when it comes to any type of anal penetration, and for very good reason. As we mentioned, the anus does not produce any natural lubrication on its own. So, there’s not even a small amount of moisture, such as when having vaginal sex. Therefore, it’s very dangerous to get in a little backdoor action with no lubrication. The reasons are obvious, but we’re going to bring it up again, because it’s THAT important. Always use a lubricant, whether you’re having anal sex, trying a new butt plug or moving up to that double-ended dildo that you’ve been eyeing for a while now. And who’s up for a little pegging?

Give these lubes a try:

Vegan Lubricants

Vegan LubricantIf you’ve made the important decision to be vegan, then it will be important to you that you find just the right lubricant to support that. Fortunately, there are numerous vegan lubricants - both water-based or silicone. And if you love the idea of something a little more stimulating, then you’re in luck.

Be sure to check out these vegan options:

Cleaning Up Your Toys After Using Lubes

Of course, this always seems like it only involves a little common sense, but you don’t want that new toy that just changed your sex life FOREVER to meet its untimely end, do you? 

First of all, determine when you need to clean your toys. Just like your body, your toys should be cleaned after each use. Alternately, you could be sure they’re clean before your next encounter, but that can really spoil the mood, don’t you think? Therefore, it’s a lot simpler just to go ahead and get into the habit of providing a good, thorough cleaning once the heat has gone down. This will not only preserve the life of your toys, but it will make sure that, when you have a partner over to share the love, your toys always appear to be taken care of and well-maintained. You know what they say about appearances.

Next, to clean your toys, you only really need warm water and soap. If your skin is sensitive, keep that in mind, and try to only use soaps that are unscented or even made specifically for sensitive skin types. However, if you want the convenience of a cleanser that is ready to go when you need it, there are some available that were designed specifically for sex toys. The added bonus is that most come in a convenient spray.

Here are a few:

One last thing to keep in mind is that you need to be sure to clean your entire toy. This may sound simple, but a quick rinse may not remove any lube, dirt or other things that can gather in the crevices and curves of your toys. That’s especially the case when you’re cleaning those realistic versions of your favorite body parts. 

Cleaning your fleshlight toys always demand a little extra attention, too. These soft, textured toys that can feel just like real flesh, or even resemble the vagina of your favorite porn star, will require that the “gel” portion be removed from its case, or surrounding shell. The best way to rid it of any residue is to gently use your fingers to clean around the folds and creases. It’s that easy!

How Lubes Can Change Your Sex Life Forever

If you want to spice up your sex life, you may not always have to go all out with the latest in bondage gear or the most state-of-the-art luxury toy. Sometimes, the simplest things can add just the right amount of pleasure to a standard lovemaking session, or it can add a little extra zing to that new clit vibrator.

Of course, give yourself a little time to think about the things that really turn you on, and if you’re using toys with a partner, talk to him or her about what might be a nice addition to “all the feels” when you’re getting in the mood. Start noting the different sensations that you like, such as cool or warm feelings. This can add a lot of extra depth to your sexual adventures, for sure.

Lastly, be sure to only buy from a high-quality online store, where you can read reviews and check ratings to see which products other people have enjoyed. Remember that using a lubricant that includes harmful chemicals can cause a lot of damage to both your body AND your toys. Understand exactly what you’re purchasing, and if you still have any questions you can always contact our 24/7 customer service for additional information. 

Now, get ready to lube it up and have some fun!