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Everything You Need to Know About Sex Dolls

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

When most people think about sex toys, they may convey images of the cheap, blowup versions that can be found in any gag store in the mall. You know, the kind that you got your best friend for the bachelor party or as a birthday joke. Yes, that’s right. You know the kind.

However if you’re looking for the type of sex doll that can actually be used for pleasure, there are a lot of male sex toys that can provide the same type of pleasure that you can have as if you were engaged in the actual act of sex - or maybe even better. In fact, you’re probably going to wonder why you put off purchasing one for so long.

In this guide, you can explore the different types of dolls that are on the market, and you can pick the one that best suits your particular needs and situation. Whether you want a little man on woman action, or man on man adventures, there are plenty of options to really spice up your bedroom.

Of course, many might automatically think that this is only a toy for “alone time,” in quite the same way that most people view male strokers. But if you’re partner is somewhat adventurous, this can also be something that you can share. Is it sounding like fun already? Then let’s stop talking and investigate further!

What Is a Sex Doll Exactly?

If you’ve been sleeping under a rick and truly do not have any idea what a sex doll is, then you may need a brief explanation before you completely understand the excitement that is to come.

Basically, in short, this type of toy is similar to a male masturbator in that it offers a way for a man to get off, without using his own hands and without having actual Pipedream Extremesex with another person. After all, your hand and a lubricant may work alright at times, especially if you’re using a nice warming or tingling water-based lubricant, but let’s face it. It’s not exactly the ideal situation, is it? But never fear, because that’s exactly why these toys were created. They can provide you the feeling of being intimate with another person, without all of the strings or complications. In fact, the more you begin to think about it, these playmates may be looking better and better!

Now, the super fun part is that these playthings can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and sexual preferences. There are luxury dolls, as well as those that will get you to that climax that you crave, but without all of the extra bells and whistles.

Okay, so it may sound weird at first, but dolls can also come in different complete capacities. There are full-size dolls, that will have all of the parts, including arms and legs, as well as three orifices, if it’s a female toy. However, if all you need are the main parts required, then you may just want to go with a toy that has a partial body. As long as you’ve got something to hold onto, you’ll still be good to go, but the choice is entirely up to you!

Different Options

As we’ve given you a quick run-through of what you can expect when you go shopping, you may be ready to dig in and start browsing on Mindful. But before you do, it might be helpful to get started with a few ideas for the particular types of toys that you will be selecting.

Full-Bodies Dolls

When you are yearning for the feeling of a body beneath you, and maybe even something with a skin-like texture to the touch, then the great news is that you’re going to have a myriad of products from which to choose. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

Hannah HarperHannah Harper Realistic Pussy and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll - If you’re ready to actually have your way with a British porn star, then this is your toy! Complete with a realistic vagina and bottom, you can take her from either end, Plus, she’s made of FantaFlesh, which makes grabbing her large breasts even more realistic.

Britney Bitch Love Doll - 3 Toxic Love Holes - Well, you’ve fantasized about the porn star, so now you can take the playmate herself! Complete with three holes for your maximum pleasure, you’re going to love this naughty girl. She’s also really durable, so go as soft and slow, or as hard and fast as you’d like!

Fatty Patty Inflatable Sex Doll - We all have different fetishes and fantasies, and if you like your women with a little more flesh to grab, then there’s a toy for that! Fatty Patty comes with three holes that you can explore at your leisure. You’re going to love every voluptuous inch of what she has to offer you!

Partial-Bodied Dolls

If all you require are the absolute essential parts, then you may want to go with a toy that includes only the torso. Let’s take a look at the pleasurable toys from which you can pick!

Extreme Fuck Me Silly Sista! Realistic Pussy & Ass Masturbator - This dark-skinned beauty comes with a tight vagina and booty, just waiting to be explored. With large breasts and soft skin made of FantaFlesh, just think of all the fun you can have with your special new friend.

Pipedream Extreme Mega Fuck Slut Ass & Pussy Masturbator - When we’re talking about the epitome of a luxury toy, then this is a perfect example. The ass and vagina are tight and textured, and the full breasts measure up to a 36DD. This toy is thick and heavy, and can take a real pounding. Plus, with it’s better than FantaFlesh feel, you’ll never guess it isn’t the real thing when the lights are out!

Pipedream Extreme Junk-In-Tha-Trunk Vibrating Ass & Vagina Masturbator - If you really like the idea of some anal adventure, then this is right up your alley - pun intended! This beautiful cocoa-skinned super-powerful vibrating ass and vagina are here to please, giving you all the action that you can imagine.

So by now, you’re probably itching to make your purchase. Just always buy high-quality products with guarantees, so that they last longer, and you get a bigger bang for your money! If you still have questions, you can always contact our 24/7 customer service for additional information.