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Guide to Sex Toy Materials

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

When you’re shopping for a new plaything, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the choices. Whether you’re looking for your first sex toy or already have an arsenal in that special drawer in your bedroom, there are a lot of options to consider.

First, you’ll need to decide the type of toy that you’re looking for, and the sensations that you hope to experience. This can include everything from realistic dildos to luxury vibrators to butt plugs, with different features, multiple bells and whistles, and even more choices.

Next, consider if this toy will be for a little “me” time, such as a suction cup dildo or a finger vibrator. Or, are you thinking about sharing the love, and experiencing a sex swing or a double-ended dildo?

Once you have a clear image of what will do the trick and how it will be used, another common question may come to mind. What materials should it be made from? As you begin to browse for playmates on an online store, you’ll quickly begin to see that the same toy may be offered in several different materials, which will all create different sensations and set a different type of mood for the evening’s activities. Plus, if you happen to have any allergies to anything that toys are typically made of, you’ll want to pay special attention and select a toy that won’t cause you any harm or discomfort. So, let’s learn a little more about the materials that make your favorite toys absolutely incredible!


As you’ll begin to shop, you’re going to find that there is an enormous offering of silicone toys, and there’s a good reason why! Many people may like other materials due to their durability, but the great thing about silicone is that it booths durable AND flexible, making it possible to twist and turn these toys to meet your needs. Silicone is also not porous, so it’s a breeze to keep it clean. And if you’re wanting a toy that will be great for those with sensitive skin, almost all of the silicone is medical-grade, so there are no worries there, either. Just always remember to use water-based lubricants with silicone toys, as that silicone- or oil-based lubes can really damage a toy made from silicone.


Plastic Pink VibratorPlastic is always a great material for your next plaything because it’s hypoallergenic, sturdy and is not porous. It’s easy to clean and will be stiff and firm - probably just what you’re after! In addition, plastic is fantastic when you’re selecting a toy that offers a vibration. And, you don’t have to be as selective with your choice of lubes, as they won’t ruin your toy.

Now, if you really do enjoy the rigidity of plastic but would like a softer feel on the outside, there are toys coated with polyurethane for a velvety touch.

Flexible Rubber

This is yet another substance very popular for sex toys of all kinds, especially when it comes to cock rings and other stretchy playthings. Many people love the give that flexible rubber provides, but also the solidness within the toy. Additionally, when a toy is created in a particular shape or with a really intricate design, a jelly-like rubber is the easiest to bend and mold, without a lot of restrictions.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that flexible rubber contains what is known as phthalates, which can sometimes irritate sensitive skin. Just always be certain to check the product details to see whether this substance is included.

Also, rubber can be quite porous, so it will be very important to clean your toy very well with warm water and soap after EVERY use!

Hard Rubber

This type of rubber will not be all that flexible or “giving,” but it will provide the firmness that you crave. Additionally, if you have allergies or are sensitive to certain substances, there’ll be no phthalates here!

A lot of toys that are used to really hit that G-spot or are preferred for anal play are made from hard rubber, so you’ll find a myriad of options from which to choose.


When you want that certain feeling that other substances can’t supply, you’ll probably want to look for a sex toy that is made from metal. For starters, these babies will be easy and quick to clean, they won’t be porous, and they won’t be an irritant for people who have sensitive skin. And if that isn’t enough to encourage you to click that “add to cart” button, you can also use just about any lubricant that you want.

And if you’ve ever wanted to see how you like a colder or a hotter toy, metal is a great conductor, so you can experiment away! Metal will be extremely rigid - perhaps the most rigid of all sex toy substances - but that also means that it can apply very direct pressure. Plus, there’s nothing like holding a heavy toy in your hand when you’re ready to rock and roll. Anyone up for a little electro sex?


Glass DildoThis material is typically for those who want to really find a beautiful, sleek toy that will last and provide intoxicating orgasms for many nights to come! Glass toys are becoming more and more popular these days, especially for those who may want to impress a partner, or have the most elegant of dildos.(Yes, that’s a thing!) In fact, many people even collect glass toys!

If you’re a little worried about if these types of toys will chip, crack or break, they are made of tempered glass, which means they are extremely durable. Additionally, they can be heated or cooled like metal, so you experience all the feels! And, it’s easy to clean, and you can lube away with your preferred favorite.

When selecting a material for your next toy purchase, if you’ll be sharing or using it with a partner, be sure to consult with them about any allergies that they may have. If the toy is a surprise, it’s almost always safe to go with glass or metal. Are you ready to start shopping?