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Stop Using Homemade Dildos - The Best Dildos for People on a Budget

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Whether you’re an old pro at shopping on Mindful, or this is your big moment for choosing your first sex toy, we’re just happy that you’ve decided to purchase a real, quality toy that was created for the exact purpose of creating pleasure for you and/or your partner. Unfortunately, not everyone has always made this decision.

Homemade Pleasure Toys

You might think it’s a bit silly to even have to address it, but it’s true: people sometimes use homemade toys. People also use objects that are not intended to be used as toys whatsoever. For example, we’ve all heard the funny stories about kitchen utensils, hairbrushes, tools, certain fruits and vegetables, and just about anything that can be slipped into the vagina or anus to get a person off. At any stage, this can be dangerous, but when a person is trying to replicate a realistic dildo, then things can go downhill pretty quickly - and for a number of reasons.

  1. Irritation and Infections - Your special places are some of the most sensitive spots on your body, and due to the nature of their biological design, they can be pretty prone to irritation and infections. Think about it - even using a certain soap can turn into a really bad UTI, so imagine, on a whim and in a moment of passion, the damage that could be inflicted from the not-so-clean television remote control or the unplugged curling iron. No household product or device is ever sterile, so remember that it should never be inside of your body, taking the mistaken place of a large dildo.
  1. Getting Stuck - The one thing you would never want to happen is to get an item stuck inside of your vagina or anus. Yeah, we’ve all heard the jokes about hamsters and other crazy things. Who knows if all of these stories are true, but the point is that at least a few must be, and that should be all the warning a person needs not to try the same thing. Dildos are curved a certain way, and they are made with materials that make it easy to insert and, perhaps more importantly, be removed again. The old saying is absolutely correct - while what goes up must come down, what goes in must come out.
  1. Causing Abrasions - Depending on the object being inserted, it may have parts that are curved, bent or even pointed. Inserting this type of object could easily scratch, cut or bruise the inner walls and tender tissues of the anus or vagina. Not only could this put you on the sidelines sexually for a while, but it could also send you straight to the emergency room.

Types of Dildos

Well, the fantastic news is that, even if you’re a little short on cash, there are plenty of budget-friendly products on the market from which you can choose. There are all sorts of different types of dildos out there, but you don’t have to go straight for a top-notch luxury product to get the climax that you’ve been craving. While there are a lot of bells and whistles on the market, it doesn’t mean that a classic dildo can’t pull off a mind-blowing orgasm.

Before you start shopping, it’s best to understand some of the most popular types of dildo from which to choose.

Glass dildos are some of the most widely chosen toys, due in part to their sleek design and easy insertion. Plus, they last for a long time and are not damaged easily.

A suction cup dildo is exactly what it says it is - a dildo with a suction cup attached to it. This means that you can go hands-free, and suction to the wall, a mirror, the shower or anywhere else your imagination comes up with for the moment.

Of course, we can’t forget the double-ended dildo. This type of toy comes with two dildos attached to one another, meaning that it can be used in a few different ways. It can be used by a single person to penetrate both the vagina and the anus, or it can be used by two lovers simultaneously. Are you seeing the possibilities here?

Opting for a strap-on can also be another fun choice, and it can also be used a few different ways. A hollow strap-on can be used by a man to enlarge the girth and.or size of his penis. A regular strap-on may be used for a little girl-on-girl action, or it can be an excellent way to try being the penetrator for a change.

Budget-Friendly Dildos

Now that you’ve been educated, it’s time to go shopping! Below you will find a few popular, low-cost toys that can bring you pleasure like you’ve never imagined. Are you ready?

Hollow Strap onFetish Fantasy Series Hollow Strap On - If you’re looking for a quality, inexpensive hollow toy, then this is your answer. Plus, this toy is so versatile that it can be used by a man as a penis extender, or it can be used by a woman for a little pegging. Either way, you’re about to feel all the feels!

Curved 6.5 Inch Realistic Penis Vibrating Dildo - If you’re hoping for a toy that really feels and resembles the “real thing,” there are even affordable toys that fit this description! And if that isn’t enough, it also comes with a little vibrating action, too.

Waterproof Wall Bangers Deluxe Suction Cup Vibrator - This baby really packs in all the fun! Waterproof for all the wet and wild play you can handle, this toy can go hands-free with a suction cup, plus also boasts a vibrator and a special clit tickler.

Double PentratorWall Bangers Waterproof Double Penetrator Suction Cup Vibrator - When you want it from both ends, this waterproof bad boy will deliver! And not only does it also add a little vibe to the party, but you can use the handy suction cup to go hands-free whenever you like.

Pearl Shine 9 Inch Waterproof Realistic Vibrating Dildo - Now, what about something to give you that feeling of absolute fullness? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This extra-large piece measures in at nine inches, is waterproof and also vibrates. What more could you want?

Whichever product you decide to use, just be sure to also go with a nice water-based lubricant, and you’ll be ready to rock and roll all night!