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Thrusting Vibrators

There’s nothing quite like a vibrator that does it all—and a thrusting vibrator definitely takes care of business. Enjoy a mind-blowing evening of personal pleasure with a toy that takes your satisfaction to a whole new level!

Thrusting vibrators come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The one thing that sets them apart from the rest is their ability to introduce a thrusting motion all on their own! Talk about hands-free pleasure.

Control the thrusting speed and intensity with controls that are simple to use and easy to reach. Depending on the thrusting vibrator you choose, your naughty toy might also come with tickling rabbit ears, different vibration speeds and more.

Use one on your own, or give a playmate all of the control. With a thrusting vibrator, you’re sure to reach all of your most pleasurable areas with ease!

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