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Top 10 Best Selling Sex Toys for Men

Guys, get them while they're hot!

Chosen by our customers, our Top 10 Sex Toys for Men will give you the pleasure you're looking for. From insanely realistic masturbators to innovative penis pumps and cock rings, you're one step away from heart-stopping orgasmic relief!

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Wish You Could Fuck a Virgin Pussy Every Day?

Now you can.

  • Ultra Realistic Ass & Pussy
  • Dual Entry Masturbator & Very Tight
  • Includes Variable Speed Vibrating Bullet for Insane Sensation

Have You Heard About the Latest & Greatest "Toy of the Year" for Men?

World renowned sex educator Sue Johanson named this her favorite male masturbator of the year.

  • Open-Ended for Easy Cleaning
  • 3 Super Suction Chambers for the Ultimate Blowjob Feeling
  • Super Soft and Realistic Feeling

"'Feel it, baby,' Christian whispers in my ear. I pant against him, wanting...needing. On cue, like the apprentice I am, I let go, and we find our release together."

—E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey

  • Cock Ring for Increased Hardness, Fullness, & Girth
  • Stretchy Silicone Accommodates Most Sizes
  • Completely Latex & Phthalate Free