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Realistic Dildos

Get as close as you can to the real thing by getting your hands on the most realistic dildo. Complete with all of the delightful ridges and veins you would find on a real erection, you’ll get an excellent ride out of it. There are even some models that can ejaculate, giving you an even more life-like experience. You may not even miss the real thing! Read our guide on How to Choose the Most Realistic Dildo!

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Showing 1-48 of 118 products

Showing 1-48 of 118 products

Realistic Dildos Tips and Advice

The Ultimate Guide to Large Dildos

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How to Choose the Most Realistic Dildo

It’s an ongoing subject of discussion and controversy as to whether to choose a “realistic” or another type of dildo....

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Dildos

Sex toys are really for everyone. They’re great for when you’re by yourself or with others, and they can bring...

Curved or Straight? Why Dildo Shape Matters

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