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How Sex Toys Can Help To Increase Intimacy?

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

According to SexToyCollective, sex and intimacy are one of the vital aspects of most romantic relationships. Unfortunately, as time goes on with the same partner, the novelty of those nightly passions can grow stale. It may seem, after a while, that all the same things are happening. Or, perhaps, you might find yourself with nothing happening. What is the solution? You might cry when considering how dull and dispassionate things have become. It may seem simple, but a possible direction to turn may be toys!

Starting The Conversation

It may not be immediately apparent, but just bringing up the subject of introducing sex toys into the mix can jump-start the intimacy that has been lost over time. Think of when you and your partner first got together. In a sense, at that point, you were each other's new toys in intimacy! But now that you’ve been using the same toy (often in the same way) for a while, it may have become dull.

Now think of the brand new novelty that a simple vibrator may bring. Not to mention that there’s much more than vibrators to experiment with. These could make sex more pleasurable for women, because most of the women cannot get orgasm during the intercourse without extra clitoral stimulation.

The conversation alone is sure to get you both on edge, thinking about the possibilities presented by a catalog of instruments of fun. Already, in broaching the subject and perhaps starting to do some research, you’ll find that secret passion alight with a new flame!

Doing Your Research

There are plenty of outlets for researching what toys might be best for you and your partner and plenty of toys to try. Experimentation is also part of the research and admittedly the most fun. Sit behind a computer screen with your significant other. Look at the pictures, read the descriptions, and discuss the possibilities.

A fun way to get things going for the braver of us is to visit the local sex shop. These places often have new commodities and knowledgeable staff to help you on this journey of reawakening!

Try to let go of your awkwardness and look through everything together. You’ll soon find yourselves giggling and giddy at it all.

Exploring Your Bodies

Once you’ve decided on some beginner toys (or perhaps advanced if you were extraordinarily brave), you’ll have a chance to try them out. I find it’s especially fun when you get some toys delivered, allowing for spontaneous intimacy to occur as soon as your presents have arrived!

Regardless of how you decide to initiate the use of your shiny new accessories, you’ll find some fun and intimacy in exploring each other with them. Getting acquainted with these new toys might open the doors to getting re-acquainted with each other. You may discover sensitivities that you’d never done much with before. This will heighten intimacy among you both as now you not only have brand new toys to play with but brand new things to drive your partner crazy as well!

Increasing Confidence

As you discover new things about you and your partners' bodies, your confidence is sure to grow. Not everybody thinks of themselves as the next sex idol, and that confidence will help in solidifying that reawakened intimacy.

Plus, who doesn’t like a confident partner? Someone that knows what they want and knows how to make their significant other feel good as well is exceptionally sexy! You’ll find your bond growing stronger and your fun growing in tandem.

Stuck In A Rut

Sex can often fall into a routine of the same things over and over. Let the introduction of toys into your sex life change all that. You can go big and try something completely new or go small and keep to your usual themes with an exciting twist involving the toys. Nothing is stopping you but your imaginations! Try checking out blogs and videos for ideas on how to implement your toys in new and exciting ways.

Promoting Sexual Health

Hopefully, the fact that sex is healthy isn’t disputed here. Toys are a fantastic way to continue having fun and healthy sex! Right stimulation and practice are a surefire way to keep your body at its peak, and toys have a wide array of essential aspects.

Toys can also help in the mental health department. It’s no secret that good sex is good for one's mental health. Use those vibrators, anal beads, and flesh-lights to produce some handy serotonin for your brain. Feeling awesome in sex does wonder for feeling awesome in life. When you feel fantastic in both sex and life, you’ll feel closer than ever to the partner that helps you achieve that!

Self Pleasure

Sometimes life gets in the way of being together. Whether it’s work, school, kids, or any of the other life aspects that can rob a couple of sexual fun, luckily, with toys, self-gratification can be more than just a quick release.

Spending time on yourself with some new and pleasurable implements isn’t just right for your gratification. You’ll be able to find yourself less frustrated and perhaps bursting with new ideas the next time life permits a bit of special time with your partner. It’s a win-win all around!

Taking A Break

It might seem counter-intuitive, but toys can sometimes be the most help with intimacy when you take a break from using them. After your journey into the use of toys, you might find that your passion for plain old vanilla sex is heightened.

Setting aside the tools for a few sessions to get that all-natural sex with your partner once more will breathe new life into an experience that may have become dull before delving into the use of sex toys. And just think those toys aren't going anywhere! They’ll be ready to use on and off as you please. Or perhaps just on!


Keeping things fresh and lively can prove to be a challenge sometimes. Trying out something new is always an excellent way to overcome this challenge. Sex toys, as illustrated, are one of the most fun and easy ways to increase intimacy between sexual partners.

From the start of your journey to the point where you’re able to set them aside, the use of toys is an all-around excellent investment of time and energy. The benefits of such are too good to pass up if you’re searching for some bedroom spice. Please always be sure to stay safe and healthy in your escapades and, as always, have fun!

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