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Vibrators Aren't Just For Women: Guide For Male Vibrators

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

When you’re thinking about what to select for your next male sex toy, there are definitely plenty of items from which to choose. However, it all depends on your personal preferences, and what type of play you wish to engage in. Are you thinking about something to just get the job done, or have you been dreaming of a special toy with all of the bells and whistles? Men love prostate massagers and anal stimulators, and all sorts of other playthings. And yes, this includes vibrators.

Anal ProbeWhen most people think about vibrators, it seems that they typically think that this toy will be used for a woman. Of course, it is true that women just love their vibrators, and for good reason! The selection is immense and includes clitoral vibrators, magic wand vibrators, finger vibrators and many others. They're the perfect toy when you're in the mood for a night filled with a little adventure. Plus, you can take them just about everywhere - literally - especially if you get one with a quiet motor. Are you seeing the possibilities here? We bet you are!

However, that definitely doesn’t mean that men can’t enjoy that extra special feeling of a powerful vibration - right where it feels the most pleasurable! That’s why anal vibrators are some of the best-selling toys, which come with all sorts of different styles from which to choose. So, are you ready to learn more? Let’s get to it!

Getting Started

Now, before you get started, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your new playmate. Above all else, you want to use your new toy safely and not have any problems or complications, which do happen to be rare.

One of the most important things to remember is to always use your favorite lubricant. If you don’t have one, then buying a few different options aren’t going to break the bank. Think about a few special types, such as a lube that heats up or provides a tingling sensation. But the most important factor is that you always use it, as the tissues inside of the anus can be easily torn. But no worries at all - as a little lube will make sure that it’s easy sailing all the way!

Next, just always keep your toy clean and free from dirt or other debris. When you’ve got your mind on the prize, the last thing you want to do is take a time out to go clean your little friend. Try to get in the habit of always using a little warm water and soap to make sure that it’s ready to go when you are! And if your toy is made from Fleshlight, just be a little more gentle, and never fully submerge any mechanical parts.

Lastly, decide if this is going to be used for a little solo pleasure, or if you want to let your partner in on the fun. If it’s the latter, just be sure to discuss it with them and that they’re ready for the adventure. It’s definitely going to hype things up in the bedroom - or wherever you decide to break out this bad boy.

Making Your Selection

And now that you’re aware of the basics, the real fun can begin. Who’s up for a little shopping? Let’s learn some more about the types of anal vibrators that are on the market today!

Aneros D-Vice Male G-Spot Stimulator - There are so many unique attributes of this toy that it’s difficult to know where to start, but it comes equipped with a removable vibrating bullet, so you can decide whether to vibe or not to vibe. Plus, it’s interesting and dynamic shape will be sure to massage all of the right parts until you have that climax that you’ve been craving!

Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Head Teaser Masturbator - This deliciously textured sleeve slides over the head of the penis, and it comes with a vibrating bullet that is placed oh just the right spot for the ultimate in pleasure! The fun can also be hands-free, as it comes complete with a handy remote control.

Vibrating MasturbatorMy 1st Virgin Pussy and Ass Vibrating Masturbator - When a vibrating masturbator is what you have in mind, this unique style will definitely bring you the best orgasm of your life! This super-realistic design allows for both vaginal and anal penetration, with a texture that feels just like the real thing! Plus, you may even wonder if it’s an actual toy, as the material is soft and supple, so grabbing it as you plunge in will even add to the overall experience.

Pipedream Extreme Vibrating Roto-Bator Mouth Masturbator - If you have a different vibrating masturbator in mind, then we definitely have another one for you! This thrilling toy feels like an open mouth right on all of the right places, as it moves and spins automatically, providing hours of pleasure. Rotating beads add to the sensation, as you receive the best deep-throat experience ever!

Satisfyer Men’s Heat Vibration - With beautifully shaped inner contours and a heated vibrating action that feels just like the real thing, your penis will love being inside this electrifying plaything. Plus, the insides even sell, simulating the act of sex like no other toy!

Vibrating Waterproof Pleasure Beads - Been thinking about trying anal beads? Then why not go with a little vibe action, too? Measuring at a solid nine inches, these jelly-like flexible beads can provide some of the best anal play you can imagine. It’s also a great toy for a little beginner’s action!

By now, you probably have a pretty good idea of the type of male vibrator that you plan on purchasing. And the good news is that you’ll find a wide variety of exciting toys right here on Mindful. Plus, if you still have questions, you can always contact our 24/7 customer service for additional information. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping and wait for that anticipated package to arrive! We don’t even have to tell you to enjoy!