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Top 10 Best Masturbators of 2019

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

By now, we all know that there are hundreds of toys on the market that can really bring you the pleasure that you crave. No matter what you’re exactly into, there’s definitely a toy for that! And nothing can really spice up your sex life like a little plaything for yourself, or to enjoy with a partner.

Now, if your hand isn’t exactly doing the job, or you just want a different sensation, you may want to look into getting a male masturbator, also commonly known as a male strokers or, in some cases, a pocket pussy. As with any plaything, there are plenty of options from which to choose, but let’s cover the basics first.

These exciting male sex toys are used with the purpose to help a man in achieving an orgasm. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with using your hand and your favorite lubricant, using this type of toy can being your orgasm to a whole new level! As mentioned, it can be used for some solo play, or it can be a fun addition to your special couple’s drawer in your nightstand. Come on, you know you have one!

When looking for the right male masturbator for your specific needs, know that they can come in numerous shapes and sizes, so you can definitely use a little fantasy in the bedroom, or anywhere else that desire hits. Some are very detailed, and actually resemble your favorite anatomy part, while others are very simple, but boy do they leave you clenching the sheets!

As we look back at 2019, we can easily see the toys that were high up on everyone’s to-play list. So, as you begin to shop for your new plaything, you can easily see what had everyone screaming for more throughout the entire year.

1. Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

MasturbatorWhy not start with a little backdoor perfection? This top-rated masturbator provides much more than just a little stroking action. If you’re into wanting something almost just like the real thing - but better - then this is the product for you! Made with FantaFlesh, the skin is soft and supple, and you’re invited in either through the back or the very realistic vagina, which are connected to make it easier to clean. Plus, this bad boy is life-sized, so you can really get into the action with gusto! Sound like fun already?

2. Doc Johnson UR3 Faye Reagan Realistic Vagina

Now, if you want to take your fantasies to a whole new level, how about sliding into something that feels just like your favorite porn star? Yep, this type of toy actually exists and is even offered at a very affordable price point. This is super realistic, so much so that it is molded from the vagina of the famous porn star, Faye Reagan. So, you can click on your favorite video and slide into this baby for a night you won’t soon forget! This is actually small enough to fit into a drawer, but it can pack a real punch, as it’s filled with ridges for even more sensations!

3. Pipedream Extreme Vibrating Roto-Bator Mouth Masturbator

If one of your favorite things is a nice, wet, hot blow job, then you’re absolutely in luck. This toy makes it feel like just like a pair of hot lips are wrapped around your cock, along with all of the other actions that make a blow job such an enticing experience - so much so that many men prefer it over the actual act of sex! There’s no pumping needed with this product, either, as the Roto-Bator takes care of the work! It also offers three speeds and seven different rotations.

4. Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy

When you need something discreet to give you those big thrills, this is the perfect product for you! With realistic folds and a vagina molded after Sasha Grey, this product can give you all the feels! And get ready for some realism, as this toy is made from super-realistic UR3 material. It’s going to feel so good when you’re inside!

5. 10 Function Adonis Vibrating Stroker

Now, even though a masturbator can do the trick on its own, sometimes a little vibe action can really bring things up a notch. This bright red plaything is both fun and festive, and it has 10 different functions, so there’s always something to perfectly suit your mood. The vibration will put you right over the edge. Get ready for that big O that you’ve always dreamed about!

6. Nasstoys Vibrating Glove

Masturbation GloveIf you really like the ideal of still using your hand, then a masturbating glove may be the ideal toy for you to try! Tingling, vibrant spikes cover the glove, and you can be in complete control of how slow or how fast you go. It will fit most hand sizes, and will pair nicely with your favorite lube.

7. TENGA Egg

If you’ve never heard of this type of sex toy before, you’ve been totally missing out! This masturbating wraps around your penis, giving it a warm, massaging feeling. It has a ridged inside, and will provide hours of stimulation.

8. Funzone Vulcan Vibrating Tight Vagina

This super-tight masturbator also comes with a vibrating silver bullet, which can add a powerful flair to the party, as well as five different vibration patterns. This toy is also waterproof, so you can have plenty of wet and wild adventures!

9. Apollo Power Stroker

This high-tech masturbator is going to quickly become your new best friend! It perfectly emulates the feeling of deep-throat, while also providing 30 different pulsating and vibrating functions. That way, there’s always a pattern to suit your mood.

10. Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight

Designed to help increase your stamina, this unit is made from fleshlight, which means that you’ll never tell the difference between your toy and the feeling of real skin. The lifelike lips are like the cherry on top of the sundae.