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The Best Thumping Rabbit Vibrators

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

We’ve all seen the Energizer Bunny commercials on TV, and we’ve heard about how they keep going - all night long. Well, the good news is that you, too, can have a rabbit of your own. If you’ve been dreaming about a mind-blowing orgasm, then this little bunny will definitely pull a few tricks out of his hat!

There are a lot of vibrators that can do a lot of things, but a rabbit vibrator has so many bells and whistles, depending on the model that you choose. They always have multiple speeds and vibrations, and some even boast vibrating beads and an automatic thruster - so you have far less work to do on your own. They are also really powerful. And if your clit is feeling a little left out, those feisty little butterfly ears will tickle your fancy - literally.

Again, depending on the model that you select, your new little friend can also even be compact, fitting nicely in a gym bag or your special little bedroom drawer, packed full of your naughtiest things. It’s a fact that very few vibrators, or any sex toy for that matter, offer the stimulation and the versatility of these playthings.

But as with any type of sex toy, the options can often be a little overwhelming. Are you looking for a luxury vibrator? Are you hoping to find a more budget-friendly option? Do you want a specific size, or a certain color? Does it need to be quiet, or do you not care if you wake up the entire neighborhood?

The following rabbit vibrators are all top sellers with good ratings and reviews, with multiple options, price ranges and other distinguishing factors. Are you ready to go shopping?

Sex and the City Rabbit Habit Vibrator - "The Rolls Royce of Vibrators"

Sex in the CityOf course, we have to start off our list with this bad boy! Whether you’re a fan of the iconic television series or not, surely you might want to consider a toy that was plugged on a show all about sex! When four almost-always single ladies in New York City are needing some action, this plaything apparently didn’t disappoint, which has helped it earn a reputation as one of the most popular rabbit vibrators ever. With a vibrating head and five modes of vibration and pulsating, you can expect one of the most intense climaxes you can imagine.

Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator Vibrator

Now, if you’re looking for some stimulation just about everywhere you can possibly imagine, then this toy is right up your alley! You can enjoy a nice-sized shaft, tickling bunny ears and even a little something for your bum. Don’t worry - nothing will feel left out with this baby! Plus, you can look forward to five rotating bead patterns, five vibration speeds and night after night of ecstasy. Have you put it in your shopping cart yet?

LELO Ina 2 Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

This product is made for those who enjoy the best of everything, so their sex toys should be no different. This vibrator has been designed to zone in on the G-spot and provide ridiculously pleasurable orgasms. This toy is super quiet, so it can be used anytime, anywhere (almost), when the need arises. It also provides a charge of four hours, so you have plenty of time to get down to business before you need another charge. And with eight settings, you’ll never get bored.

Ultimate Deep Stroker Dual Motor Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator

Deep StrokerWouldn’t it be fun to take your new friend into the shower, the pool or hot tub? With this waterproof vibrator, you can do all of that and more! It offers three different vibrating and thrusting speeds, so that it can reach deep and provide hours of enjoyment. And the soft, tickling ears are just a bonus that your clit will be sure to thank you for.

Waterproof Wall Bangers Deluxe Suction Cup Vibrator

Think about how much fun it would be to go hands-free, so that those fingers could be used for all sorts of other things? Well, with this special friend, all of that is possible and much more. This is 100% waterproof, meaning you can pop it onto your shower wall and have the best shower experience of your entire life. The shaft provides G-spot pleasure, while the clit is completely engaged by those naughty little bunny ears. Plus, you can pick one of three feisty colors!

VeDO Eva Mini Clitoral & G-Spot Vibe

Need a bunny that’s perfect to hop along for a little travel, or to nestle inside of your purse? This mini rabbit completely blows away the myth that size really matters, because this baby packs quite a lot into a small package. This ideal for when discretion matters, because it also sports a super-quiet motor. But when you’re ready to rock and roll, you can also choose between 10 sexy vibration levels for all of the G-spot and clit action you can handle.

VeDO Crazy Bunny Rechargeable Clit Vibrator

Now, this bunny is a little different than the rest, with a rather unique design. This little guy is also great for traveling and carrying with you in a bag or purse - you can even keep it in the car, because who knows when you might need it! Designed just for the clit, this toy can hit just the right spot for a get-straight-to-business orgasm, offering 10 different levels of vibration. It can also be submerged in water, lasts up to two hours and comes in exciting colors.