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Flying Soon? Best Toys to Travel With!

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

So, you’re planning a trip but have some special plans for the hotel bedroom? There’s just something about hotel sex, isn’t there? Maybe it has something to do with being outside of your comfort zone a little, and in a different place. Perhaps you’re going to be somewhere glitzy and exciting like Las Vegas or New York City, or maybe your ideal of fun is in a cab in the Great Smokies. Whatever your preference, you can always take your favorite playthings right along with you, whether it’s your favorite classic dildo or a stimulating water-based lubricant.

However, if you will be flying, there are a few things that you may need to keep in mind. Let’s go over the particulars first!

Getting Your Toys Ready for the Air

Now, if you’re planning on bringing your favorite luxury vibrator for your Parisian getaway, there is something to remember when it comes to battery-operated toys. You’re going to want to take out those batteries! It makes for a very interesting situation when you’re going through security, your bags are jostled around a bit, and that “on” button is bumped. After all, the TSA workers will have to explore and find the source of that strange vibrating noise. Are you getting the full picture here? And trust us, it happens way more often than you would think it might!

LubricantsIf you plan on bringing one or two of your preferred lubricants, then you’ll want to be sure that they comply with any regulations regarding liquids. Additionally, you won’t want them to leak or spill out, especially on your clothing. So, place them in a seal-proof plastic bag or other container. Another good trick to ensure even more protection is to wrap them in shrink wrap, just in case.

Of course, care should be taken when transporting any of your playmates on a flight. Be sure to wrap them with care. In fact, it’s a great trick to wrap them in thick shirts or sweaters inside your luggage, so that they have a cushion in case they are knocked around during the flight.

And if you want to stay organized, place everything that you decide to bring in a special container. A large, cushioned makeup bag will typically do the trick. Since they are created to make sure that cosmetics aren’t cracked, broken or spilled, they are an excellent option for transporting your special things.

Deciding Which Toys to Bring

While you may be dying to try out your new couples board game, you have to be realistic with what will fit and won’t be too cumbersome. With the restrictions and pricing constantly changing on different airlines, you should check before you begin making your selections. Most airlines restrict checked bags to a weight of between 40 to 60 pounds, depending on the specific carrier. Some toys can add a lot of weight to an already heavy bag, so you may want to rethink those really large or even double-ended dildos. Before traveling, you can get an estimate of what your bag will weigh by trying it on a regular scale at home. Expect it to be off a few pounds, but it can provide you with a general idea.

Once you’ve gotten the basics out of the way, now you can start thinking about the type of toys that are your favorite. If you space and available weight in your bags, you may want to consider a little variety. Plus, it may be fun to shop online for a few new toys to try out once you arrive at your destination. (Yes, once you arrive! Don’t let that tiny airplane bathroom tempt you! I’m sure you’ve heard a few horror stories of unfortunate circumstances regarding failed attempts at sex on a plane!)

So, let’s look at a few toys that make excellent traveling companions.


No matter where you are, sometimes a little vibe action is in order. And now that you know how to transport a vibrator, there’s really no reason not to pack your preferred option. Since you will be traveling, you may want to consider something small and discreet, so that you can slide it in a purse or a small bag, and then it’s ready to whenever you are - almost. Or, you can opt for a more powerful toy that will provide the orgasm that you crave. Just remember - take out those batteries, and hotel walls are typically pretty thin.


A dildo is a very viable option for traveling, especially on a plane. You don’t have to worry about removing the batteries, because the fun is all in the toy itself - and the way that you use it! A nice flexible realistic fleshlight is a great idea, because chances are pretty low that it will be damaged in transport. Again, just remember to wrap it in something soft, preferably between items in your suitcase or in a smaller cushioned bag.

Cock Rings

When you’re wanting to keep that erection just a little bit longer, or you simply Cock Ringlove the feeling, a rubber or silicone cock ring can do just the trick. Or, if you want to make sure that your partner gets in on the fun, a vibrating ring can provide fun for both of you! When selecting a cock ring, you can find a smooth option, or you can look for one with studs or soft, bendable spikes or rivets that will provide an extra sensation. Add a warming lubricant, and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Anal Play

Now, we can’t let all of your other parts get all of the attention. If anal play is your thing, then you definitely want to come prepared. Or, perhaps you’re in a new city and want to also try something new. If so, come prepared with an anal trainer kit, which usually comes with plugs in two or three different sizes, so that you can take it slow and work up to the size that you’ve been dreaming about. If you’re a pro, then you can think about bringing something a little larger to really give your bum a thrill!

Bondage Gear

Okay, so we did mention that the walls in the hotels are pretty thin, so you might want to consider a ball and gag!: And who wouldn’t want to try out a pair of neon furry cuffs on the hotel bed or nightstand?

With so many toys from which to choose for your trip via air, the super-convenient part is that you can you can buy these or an abundance of other high-quality products right here on Mindful. So, you’d better start shopping!