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How To Choose Your First Sex Toy

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

So, Classic Dildothe time has finally come, and you’re ready to buy your very first sex toy! This is like a rite of passage to many, almost like the first time a man shaves, or that life-altering moment when a woman has her eyebrows shaped and waxed for the first time! You’re about to leave the world of hands-only pleasure behind and leap into the mechanical age. Whether you’re thinking about something that vibrates or a good classic dildo, that perfect toy is out there — just waiting for you to finally understand what the big deal is all about.

But how do you know what you like, and how do you go about selecting the product that will alter the way in which you orgasm for the rest of your life? First, there are a few super-exciting, reflective things to consider.

Get to Know Your Own Body

At first, this may seem like a slightly silly suggestion. I mean, after all, your “this” bone is connected to your “that” bone, or however that song goes! But let’s get a little deeper here. What gives you those special butterflies in your stomach, or a little tingle in other places? Which parts of your body seem the most susceptible to a soft touch, and which parts like something a little more intense? Well, let’s find out!

Whether you’re having a little “me” time or some fun with a partner, start taking special notion of what you like, and what doesn’t exactly do it for you. Do you like it when your partner gives your nipple a little pinch? Or, do you like some special attention for your clit? Better yet, are you leaning toward a little anal play? These are all great places to start!

The most important thing is that you understand what your body responds the best to, and then let your imagination go wild!

If you’re planning on bringing your partner in for a little love, then you can also try a thing or two with him or her, and see exactly what they like as well. A good way to also learn more about what you like is to try out a few fun couples board games. This part of the experimentation can be so much fun! Plus, it’s for a good cause, right?

Start Browsing

The best thing about online shopping is that you can shop whenever you want, whether it’s morning, night or if you’re in your pajamas. It’s nice to shop in the privacy of your own home, where you and your partner (if you choose) can look through all of the products, read the reviews and make your selections. However, it can be rather overwhelming to see so many toys and not know exactly where to get started. So, here are a few ideas.


Everyone likes a good dildo, right? If you want to simulate the real act of sex, this is the best way to achieve that feeing. But, don’t think that a dildo should be seen as a “replacement.” In fact, many couples like to share this toy, and even take turns being the penetrator.

There are several options from which to choose. You can go with something exciting like a double-ended dildo, or go all out with a dildo made from realistic fleshlight.


Powerful VibtratorThe more you begin to explore with sex toys, you’ll quickly discover that sometimes a little vibe action is in order. The fun news is that vibrators literally come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of bells and whistles. You can opt for something small and discreet, so that you can slide it in a purse or a gym bag, and pull it out whenever the whim hits. Or, you can go with a powerful toy that will give you that back-arching climax that you thought only happened in the movies. Yep… those are real.

Cock Rings

These exhilarating playthings come in a multitude of colors and designs, along with loads of features from which to choose. If you want a little more “staying power,” a stretchy rubber or silicone cock ring can do just the trick. Or, if you want to give a little pleasure to a partner, choose a vibrating ring with studs or other options to stimulate the clit. It’s definitely the best of both worlds!

Anal Play

And if you’re new to pleasure that knocks on the back door, you’ll be sure to find just the right enhancement to bring you into the realm of anal love. When beginning to tease the anus into the orgasms that await, the best way to go is with an anal trainer kit, which will include plugs in three different sizes, so that you can easily work up to the size that you crave. Once there, then you can feast your eyes on something larger that your bum will truly love!

Bondage Gear

But what’s a little fun without some role playing, and the thrill of a whip against your skin or your hands bound loosely above your head? Bondage playthings are some of the most popular toys for first-time users. What may start off as a gag gift can easily turn into your favorite Friday night pastime. The only question that remains is: the silk rope or the neon furry cuffs?

Now that you’re familiar with the types of products that are out there for your enjoyment, you’re going to discover just how a great sex-enhancing toy can really shake things up in the bedroom. Whether you’ve chosen a fun set of handcuffs, a powerful bullet vibrator or a rechargeable masturbator, you’re about to experience a whole new world!

The great thing is that you can you can purchase high-quality products for reasonable prices right here on Mindful, so you can continuously add new items to your “special bedroom drawer.” So, what are you waiting for? Throw a few items in your cart and get ready to explore!