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Top 10 Cheap But Amazing Sex Toys You Need to Own

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Chances are that it’s been quite a while since you set out to choose your first sex toy. And now that you see what a HUGE (sometimes literally) change it can make in your intimate play, it’s only natural to crave just about everything you find on your favorite little playthings online store.

Sure… we’d all love to have a never-ending budget for our sex toy collection. But that’s not always possible. It all starts with that terrible thing known as "adulting." While we’d love to hang around in a sex swing all day, we have to work, play bills and live a life outside of the bedroom fantasies that we find ourselves drifting off to in the middle of the monthly sales meeting. Yeah it’s a little awkward.

But the good news is that you don’t have to take out a loan to line your special drawer with some powerful, fun and INEXPENSIVE products. You can be screaming with pleasure and still keep a little money in your wallet.

Sound like a plan? Great! Then let’s look at the top 10 sex toys that can give you that big O, but still not break the bank.

1. Butterfly Kiss G-Spot Vibrator

When you want the power that only a hopping rabbit or a speedy butterfly can bring, but you worry about the price that you might have to pay to get the product that you desire, that’s where this beauty steps (or flutters) in. The Butterfly Kiss G-Spot Vibrator is the perfect solution, and it can provide hours of entertainment for you during some alone time, or even with a partner. It’s perfect for arousing the G-spot, and it’s the ideal length.

2. Sex Toy Mystery Box for Women

Now, if you’re really wanting to experiment with a few different options, but you are on a budget, then be sure to check out the Sex Toy Mystery Box for Women. Rather than pay for just one sultry plaything, you’re going to get THREE! And part of the fun is that what will arrive at your doorstep in your box is a complete mystery. Doesn’t that add a little more longing for that special package to finally arrive?

3. Dr. Joel Adjustable Erection Enhancer Ring

Erection EnhancerMen, I bet you were worried that we’d forgotten all about you, but we’re about to make up for it! The Dr. Joel Adjustable Erection Enhancer Ring is going to turn into your new best friend pretty quickly! Super stretchy and adjustable, pop this bad boy on and feel the intense throb of your best erection any time!

4. Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy

So, everyone needs a little pussy in their pocket from time to time, right? The Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy is designed to make you feel as if you’re deep inside Sasha Grey… each and every time. Plus, it’s ribbed and made from Hyper-Realistic U3 Material. You’ll definitely never want to use your hand again when you have this sexy option!

5. System JO H20 Water Based Personal Lubricant

If you remember one important thing about using sex toys, it’s that you have to lube it up, and the System JO H20 Water Based Personal Lubricant is a quality, inexpensive option. There’s no scent, no color and it won’t be messy, so it’s a good lube for sensitive skin.

6. Real Feel Deluxe No. 1 Realistic Vibrating 8.5 Inch Multi-Speed Dildo

Now, if you think that you can’t get a realistic special friend at a decent price, then you’re wrong. The Real Feel Deluxe No. 1 Realistic Vibrating 8.5 Inch Multi-Speed Dildo even has a suction-cup base so that you can go hands-free whenever you like! But be ready for the intense vibe - this is going to become part of your nightly regimen.

7. Sex Toy Mystery Box for Men

Ladies, we’ve hooked you up, so fair is fair. The boys are gonna love this seductive box, packed with not one, but three of Mindful’s best-selling toys. The cool thing is that that is over $100 worth of toys for less than a third of the price, and there’s plenty of room for experimentation. Try the Sex Toy Mystery Box for Men alone or with a partner - the choice is always yours!

8. Screaming O My Secret Charged Remote Control Vibrating Panties

You may have thought that something of this intensity might be reserved as a luxury item, but you can enjoy the fun of the Screaming O My Secret Charged Remote Control Vibrating Panties - even when you’re on a bit of a budget. The remote control works from 50 feet away, so can you just imagine the trouble you can get into with this naughty little treat? There are also 10 different vibrating modes, so things can get as intense as you want!

9. Fetish Fantasy Series for Him or Her Hollow Strap On

Nipple ClampsThis toy is so versatile that it may even surprise you! The adjustable waist strap can be navigated until it hits just the right spot. Whether you end goal is some male-on-male action, a little backdoor surprise or a try at pegging, the Fetish Fantasy Series for Him or Her Hollow Strap On can offer all the fun at a lower price.

10. Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps

While we’re taking care of all of your other super-secret places, let’s not forget the enjoyment that comes from a little tug on the nipples. But you can go hands-free and with a little extra zing with the Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps Plus, they’re pretty and pink, too!.

It’s never a bad idea to start stocking up on a few new toys to add to your arsenal, and if you can get them at a bargain and still receive a quality plaything in the process, then you’re in luck. So, start shopping already, and fill up that cart! It’s time to expand your horizons!