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On a Budget? The Most Affordable Sex Toys for Women

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Do you remember the day that you chose your first sex toy? It was a pretty fun moment, wasn’t it? With so many options on the market today, there are plenty of different playthings for women that can really give you that big O that you’ve been craving.

Or, maybe this is your very first selection, and browsing through sex toys, reading their descriptions and imagining how they will make you feel is brand new territory. Isn’t it exciting?

Spandex Net Thigh HighRegardless of which bracket you fall into, the sex toy pro or the liberated newbie, you may be in a situation where looking for budget-friendly products is high up on your list of what to look for when making your decision. That’s why at Mindful, we offer something for everyone, which includes those who are on the market for a top-notch luxury product, or someone who wants “all the feels” but at a lower price.

However, there’s a fine line between purchasing an inexpensive quality product and a “cheap toy,” so it takes a little know-how to make sure that you make the best decisions. Too many people buy a poorly-made product that either doesn’t do the trick or fizzes out in a short amount of time. This can discourage someone from taking the leap and experimenting with other toys to find just the right one for the right price.

Even though the saying is true that you get what you pay for, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great deal on a well-made product that will heighten your senses and keep things going all night long. Plus, you get to make the fun decision of whether you want to use your new playmate during a little “alone time,” or if you want to share the love with a partner.

If making your selection seems a bit overwhelming, this handy guide will be sure to set you on the right path, as you check out today’s most affordable sex toys for women. Whether you’re thinking along the lines of a clitoral vibrator, a strap-on for a little pegging or a flirty whip, you can find something right here to suit your needs!

1. Clitoral Vibrators

Every woman needs a good clitoral vibrator! When discretion calls, these babies can easily fit in a purse or a gym bag, and boy can they bring a bang! It’s almost unbelievable that something this small can bring such a wild orgasm, but if the clit’s happy, then you’re happy.

When it comes to vibrators specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris, there are several options. You can go with a wand-style vibrator that is curved just the right way, or you can also opt for a bullet vibrator.

For those on a budget but who still have a whole lot of pleasure in mind, we suggest the Screaming O 3 Speed Pulsing Bullet. Its compact size and quiet motor offer full discretion, along with three vibrating levels.

2. Anal Plugs

If you have a little anal play in mind, then an anal plug will provide that fullness that you desire, but at a pleasant price point. If you are new to the game, it’s ideal to look for a training kit, which will usually include three different-sized plugs. This means that you can start off small, and as your anus adjusts, you can move up to the next size. An anal plug can also prepare you for something bigger, such as an anal dildo or a man’s penis.

If a multi-sized kit is what you have in mind, the Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit is a great option, as the plugs are actually shaped like penises of different sizes. They include sizes of 3.8 inches, 4.7 inches and 6.3 inches.

3. Bondage Gear

Inexpensive Bondage GearWhether you’re wanting to try a little role play, or just like the feeling of being tied up for a bit, bondage gear can offer plenty of ideas for a little fun. From whips to nipple clamps and full-on restraints, bondage gear can bring a lot of adventure to the bedroom… or wherever you choose to play.

If you’re a beginner or would just like a kit that will get you started in a pinch, the Beginner’s Bondage Fantasy Kit will supply ankle and wrist restraints, as well as a soft blindfold. Are you already getting in the mood?

4. Strap-Ons and Harnesses

If you’ve been wanting to be the penetrator with your partner, then a strap-on with a harness is exactly the right toy for you! Fitting snugly around your hips, a strap-on will move right along with your body, almost as if it’s a part of you.

One of the best strap-ons that you can find is the Fetish Fantasy Series Hollow Strap On. Technically, this can also be used by a male as well, due to its hollow form. But why let him have all the fun?

5. Lubricants

Even though you might not consider a lube a toy, they are an integral part of sex play, whether with a toy or without. The fun part is that they are very inexpensive, and they come in all sorts of flavors, colors and scents. So, you can stock up on all of your favorites.

One must-have lube is the Sliquid Organics Sensation Lubricant, which can increase your stimulation all on its own.

6. Rabbit Vibrators

While there are numerous rabbit vibrators at higher prices, you can still have a hopping good time with a quality, powerful rabbit-style vibe. The ears of the rabbit can tickle the clit, while the shaft can easily slip inside of the vagina. It’s basically like two toys in one!

The Butterfly Kiss G-Spot Vibrator has many of the bells and whistles that the more expensive options offer, but at a fraction of the cost. Add one to your sex arsenal today!

7. Realistic Dildos

And if only the feel and look of the “real thing” will do, then you’ll want to go with a realistic dildo. You can opt for one that vibrates, or simply go for the fullness that a dildo provides.

The Curved 6.5 Inch Realistic Penis Vibrating Dildo is a favorite, as its design hits all of the right places and offers a little vibe action, too.

With so many powerful options that you can choose from, there’s no need to pick just one! And at these prices, you can definitely fill up that naughty drawer without breaking the bank. Think about the parts of your body that respond the most to touch, and go crazy with some really tantalizing ideas! It’s time to play!